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VFUMC Reopening Guidelines

In this time, we trust that God foresaw this pandemic and its outcome. We trust that nothing can thwart the will and power of God. Thus, we seek to minister in a manner that most lovingly considers the needs of each member. We seek to adhere to the recommendations of our government and church leaders. We seek to follow where God leads, expectant that His hand is in all of this.

You can find information from the state of Illinois here:

You can find information from the United Methodist Church as a whole here:

For services starting July 5th at 9:00 AM


The primary entrance used will be the west Fellowship Hall door.

The east Fellowship Hall door will be open for handicap access only.

A greeter will take your temperature upon entry.

Masks are strongly recommended.

Within the Building

Please maintain social distancing of 6-feet.

Only the family restroom will be open and must be sanitized after each guest, using the supplies provided in the restroom.

Water fountains will be covered.


During Worship

Children’s Moment will be done from the balcony for social distancing reasons.


Ushers will seat the congregation from the back to the front and will dismiss the congregation from the front to the back.

We ask that guests avoid singing, litany, or spoken announcements/prayers. While this may seem like an extreme request, we only seek to lessen the spread of germs among guests.

Tithes may be given in the offering plate at the front of the Sanctuary.

​We will not have communion this Sunday as it is our first Sunday back in the church building. When we resume communion, we will not have a group communion but you may bring your own. More information will be given at that time.


Breakfast and Sunday School are still canceled at this time.

Announcements or prayer requests may be shared by email at,

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